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eDataShield is Critical to an Organization's Security Initiative

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Cyber Attacks Are A Serious Problem

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The Strongest Cyber Crime Deterrent

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A Firewall Is Not Enough

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eDataShield Encryption Offers a Unique and Critical Enhancement to Existing Encryption Methods.

From International corporations and the three branches of government to “mom and pop” enterprises and small start-ups, billions of dollars are being lost and corporate reputations are being ruined every year by cyber criminals. They seem to be unstoppable and no one is immune.

When data breaches are announced (on almost a weekly basis) the customers of the companies who experience these attacks are outraged and take their business – and more importantly, their personal financial data – elsewhere.

This does not have to happen.

There are common misconceptions about what makes for a secure storage and transmission of data and these lapses are preventable with more robust technology. eDataShield offers a solution.