Our experts have developed an end-to-end platform that secures data at its source and destination.

The eDataShield tools protect in a way that other security measures don’t. The platform seamlessly and securely encrypts the data at its point of origin and then decrypts the data at its end-point. While it is possible for the encrypted data to be hacked, because of this sophisticated encryption, the data is useless because it is indecipherable.

These applications provide the capability to quickly deploy solutions customized to our customers needs.

The eDataShield Security appliance design is based on an NXP Semiconductor’s QorIQ processor, which is used extensively by the U.S. military and intelligence services. It utilizes the encryption capabilities built into the processor providing a hardware-based encryption solution.

There are several benefits to this approach:

  • This encryption solution is self-contained.
  • It is free from the possibility of contamination, malicious code infection, or vulnerability.
  • It is faster and more secure than software-based encryption.

The eDataShield Security appliance has been utilized to provide protection for data in-transit and for data at rest (storage).